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  News of medicine.  

The most interesting articles are presented  in this section, in our view, which we took away for you in a world spider web and sitting by dark winter evenings in libraries.

Genetic Clue to Fighting New Strains of Flu
Acupuncture significantly reduces pain following C-section
Diet drinks’ link to cardiometabolic disease elusive
Quitting Tips for Thursday's Great American Smokeout
Acupuncture Lowers Hypertension
Yoga in Menopause May Help Insomnia
Shake Off Stress by Walking in the Woods
Vitamin D pills' effect on healthy bones queried
Olympic athletes lose to poor dental health
Obamacare premium rates lower than expected
Treat the Fungus Among Us With Nontoxic Medicinal Compound
Doctor Reprimanded For Prescribing Narcotics Via Skype
Stick Insect May Hold Key To Antibiotic Resistance
Scientists uncover secrets of sleep effect on tasks
Coffee drinking tied to lower risk of suicide
Antioxidants do not improve fertility
Will Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?
Drug Combo Cuts Stroke Risk After TIA
Adding silver to antibiotics boosts their effectiveness
US Supreme Court says human DNA cannot be patented
Gut Bacteria Play Key Role In Vaccination
Probiotics may help when on antibiotics
Higher IQ link to good concentration
Yoga Can Help Lower Blood Pressure
Fast food menus not much healthier than in the past
Calm down genes treat epilepsy in rats
Road to HIV Vaccine Hits Another Speed Bump
Alternative Treatments May Help Cut Blood Pressure
Brain Signature Reveals Our Level of Pain
What we exhale is unique to us – our breathprint
Unraveling the molecular roots of Down syndrome
Acupuncture Improves Memory And Reduces Anxiety
Caffeine Linked to Low Birth Weight Babies
First Documented Case of Child Cured of HIV
New App Turns iPhone into Mobile Urine Test
Chavez reportedly going through complex alternative treatment
Red Wine Could Mask Testosterone Levels
Apixaban Wins Long-Awaited Nod from FDA
Antibiotic-resistant diseases pose apocalyptic threat
Alternative medicines popular among pediatric outpatients
Chinese Medicine Yields Secrets
Apixaban Wins Long-Awaited Nod from FDA
Simple eye scan can reveal extent of Multiple Sclerosis
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