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Svetlana Laputjko, Specialist in homeopathy
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Acupuncture is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture relies on a number of therapeutic effects: it mobilizes the resources of the organism and enhances its resistance to pathological factors; it normalizes functional condition of organs; it normalizes and balances hormones and other biologically active substances which are vital for controlling physiological processes; it normalizes endocrine functions; it stimulates cortical substance of adrenal gland; it stimulates leucocytes; it helps to increase the number of antibodies which enhances host defense.

Chinese Acupuncture Affects Brain's Ability To Regulate Pain.
Acupuncture Aid For Diabetics.
Acupuncture may help you through allergy season.
Acupuncture is grounded in science, not myth and magic.
Vet points to pet acupuncture as a way to heal.
Treating Allergies With Acupuncture.
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Similia similibus curantur! “Doctor’s highest and sole mission is to restore his patient’s health” – any homeopath practicing classical homeopathy is guided by this slogan. The essence of homeopathic treatment is to prevent acute illness developing into a chronic one. If the chronic disease has set in, the aim of homeopathic treatment is to eradicate it and restore patient’s health and joy of life. The main difference between homeopathic and allopathic medicine is that it considers a human being as a single system and it cures body and mind simultaneously. Homeopathy cures the cause of disease. It does not act upon bacteria or viruses but stirs up host defense.

Prof. George Vithoulkas at the Swedish Parliament.
Council of Europe speech.
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Ad cogitandum et agendum homo natus est! Everybody experiences stress, bad luck and tension in their life. It is not the purpose of psychotherapy to make individual’s life carefree. If you are not able to get the job that you would like to have, psychotherapy has nothing to do with it. If on the other hand, you have panic attacks before job interviews or if conflicts at work have become commonplace, you should seek specialist advice. Psychotherapy is relevant if your problems originate in your mind and you have difficulty facing reality of everyday life. Furthermore, psychotherapy is indicated to people suffering from depression, fear, anxiety, insomnia, neurotic disorders, stress or grief. Family counseling is able to help couples who cannot resolve their problems or contradictions. Psychotherapy aims to help people remove emotional strain and enhance their ability to make a choice. Besides, psychotherapy develops their behavioural strategies and restores the ability to cope with problems in a self-reliant manner.

Psychotherapy for Depression.

In the recent years, high emphasis has been placed on treatment and preventive treatment by activating internal resources of the body. This is the underlying concept of BEMER therapy. BEMER therapy is a revolutionary discovery in the treatment by electromagnetic field. This new approach to treatment is now available in Latvia. Medical Centre ROS is offering therapy by light and by impact electromagnetic field by means of BEMER 3000 - a state-of-the-art device. This is a new form of medication based on therapy by electromagnetic field. The most distinct results have been observed in the cases of degeneration, arthrosis, diseases of respiratory tract, chronic fatigue, derangement of circulation of the blood, infectious diseases, migraines, fractures, healing wounds, nervous exhaustion, stress, dysbolism, tumors etc. Continuous treatment by this device enhances energetic condition of the body, strengthens the immune system and improves efficiency. A number of people undergo BEMER therapy as preventive treatment.

BEMER VET (video).
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Džejs Heilijs

2.70 €

PAR MILTONU ĒRIKSONU (О МИЛТОНЕ ЭРИКСОНЕ) Džejs Heilijs brīnišķīgi stāsta lasītājiem par skolotāju, ar kuru kopā ir aizvadījis septiņpadsmit gadus


Antilipīda tēja, 40 maisiņi

25.00 €

Sastāvs: 6 šķirņu zaļā tēja, kurai pievienoti dabīgi augu izcelsmes komponenti: pieclapu kinostemma, kassijas toras sēklas, lotosa lapiņas, daudzziedu kalnieša saknes.

Kontradikcijas: nav ieteicams lietot grūtniecības laikā un bērniem.
Lietošana: 1 paciņu tējas iemērkt 1L novārīta (80°C) ūdens un paturēt zem vāciņa 10-15 minūtes. Pie normāla un paaugstināta asinsspiediena lietot siltu, pie pazemināta-aukstu. Dzert mazās devās, bez cukura. Nevajadzētu lietot pēc plkst. 18:00, jo tējai ir uzmundrinošs efekts.
Lietošanas kurss: 1-4 mēneši. 40 maisiņi x 1,5g


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