Aleksey Radchenko, Certified specialist in acupuncture
Svetlana Laputjko, Specialist in homeopathy
Psychotherapist Alexander Moshkin
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    Chigong massage & therapy
  Chigong massage & therapy  

The coaches come originally from Latvia (Riga), they are experts in Chigong massage & therapy.

Chigong (Qigong) therapy methods:
- to balance body, mind and energy
- massage of head, neck and ears
- massage of face
- massage in four hands
- massage of body, legs and feet
- exercises aimed on protection of the masseur from bad energies.

Duration of the session is 1 hours within 6 - 12 days.

Yoga Kolo-Dar is a contemporary variation of yoga combining yoga, massage and chigong.

From Kolo-Dar can benefit all the people (young people, pregnant women as well as pensioners).

These techniques develop your body, mind and spirit through exercises, breathing and meditation.

Yoga Kolo-Dar will give you good health, energy, satisfaction, love, self-confidence, intelligence and beauty.

Qigong manual correction - soft and rapid elimination of pain, back problems and posture.

    Chen Tai Chi Chuan.
  Chen Tai Chi Chuan.   Mens sana in corpore sano! Tajzi is a unique art of self development. It is a martial art, a healing system and a meditative practice. We consider it as a way of life. Our center runs classes of therapeutic Tajzi. Classes are conducted by Len Sui Hun. Len Sui Hun is a disciple of master Ma Hun. Master Ma Hun is a practitioner of style Chen in the nineteenth generation. He has written a number of books and articles on Chen and on development of inner energy. His “effortless” power and gracefulness are both amazing and inspiring. His experience proves that proper practice of Tajzi makes a person more peaceful, their mind becomes more precise and focused. Master says:’You become as natural as water’
Tai Chi for Fall Prevention in Seniors.

Optimum medicamentum quies est! “Anybody who succeeds in overcoming laziness will succeed in yoga. It does not matter whether he is young or old, ill, weak or even decrepit. His practice has to be persistent – this is the only thing that matters.” – Swatamarama, “HATHA YOGA PRADIPIKA”, Chapter 1. Yoga can be practiced by anyone irrespective of age. It is particularly beneficial for people over 40. At this age regenerative power of the organism deteriorates and resistibility to illnesses weakens. Yoga practice causes the body to generate energy and to keep it focused. It gives you vitality. Maximum benefit is achieved through minimum effort. Yoga both prevents diseases and treats them. Unlike other systems, yoga develops symmetry of the body as well as coordination and stamina. Yoga stimulates organs of the body and makes for their harmonious functioning. Yoga is a method of healing by natural means. Healing process progresses slowly but steadily. There is no point in denying achievements of medical science. Medicines can be very useful. Nevertheless, yoga is able to supplement their effect and accelerate healing process. Besides, yoga avoids harmful side effects of some medicines. Yoga enhances natural protective powers of the body which is combatting a disease. Practice of yoga has a huge effect on one’s personality. A yoga practitioner acquires moral and intellectual power. Attitude to life becomes positive and tolerant. Yoga teaches you how to overcome difficulty and have a happy and peaceful life while aiming to achieve your main purpose – self-actualization.

Yoga May Help Lower Back Pain and Depression.
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Aptieciņa sportam

55.00 €

Aptieciņas saturs: ( sports )
1. Drošas kniepadatas -10 gab.
2. Paka atliekām -2 gab.
3. Leikoplasts 2.5x5m- 1 gab.
4. Saite 18x18 cm – 1 gab.
5. Saite 12x12 cm – 1 gab.
6. Saite 7.5x4 m – 1 gab.
7. Komprese ar saite 10x8cm- 1 gab.
8. Termopaka Cold- 1 gab.
9. Elastigas saites 5x4,5 m – 1 gab.
10.Šķīdums NaCl 0.9% -2 amp. ( 20 ml.-1 amp.)
11.Cimdi (Vinili ) nesterils – 1 pāris
12.Komprese -absorbent 10x10 cm - 1 gab. sterils
13.Tīstūrveida lakatiņš - 1 gab.
14.Folijas sega – 1 gab.
15.Dez.salvetes sterils – 10 gab.
16. Elpinaem. maska-plēve – 1 gab.
17. Komprese -absorbent 5x5 cm - 1 gab. sterils
18. Atsāpinošā smēre ( 15 g.) – 1 gab.
19. Leikoplasts ( komplekts ) – 1 gab.


TIENS Dabīgais miegs 60 tabletes x 0,4 g

34.00 €


Uztura  bagātinātājs


Vilkābele, pasiflora, Kalifornijas magone - augi, kurus tradicionāli lieto, lai  atvieglotu iemigšanu

Veicina normālu miegu



-1-2 tabletes 1 stundu pirms gulētiešanas;

-Nepārsniegt ieteicamo diennakts devu


Sastāvs 1 tabl./ 2 tabl.: kalifornijas magones sēklas ( Eschscholtzia californica) 100 mg/200mg; vilkābeles ziedi (Crataegus oxyacantha) 100 mg/200mg; pasifloras ziedi (Passiflora incarnata) 100 mg/200mg; ziedputekšņi  100 mg/200mg.



Nelietot bērniem jaunākiem par 12 gadiem.

Nav ieteicams grūtniecēm;

Uzglabāt sausā, vēsā vietā.

Neizmantot uztura bagātinātājus kā pilnvērtīga un sabalansēta uztura aizvietotājus.

Produkts jāglabā bērniem nepieejamās vietās.



Partijas Nr. un Ieteicams līdz – skat. uz iepakojuma


Ražotājs: TIANSHI SPAIN, S.N., Spānija pēc Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd pasūtījuma


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