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Better Alternatives to painkillers.


04, 2009.

Nowadays it is more normal to go and see an alternative therapy practitioner than it was say ten years ago. Publications in the media have gotten the general public more accustomed and used to the fact that there are plenty of other remedies and therapies that can be useful when it comes to out health. Most alternative therapies are used or recommended in addition to general types of healing therapies such as drugs and surgery.
It is a well know fact that the more common pain treatments and pain relievers such as the household favorites aspirin, ibuprofen and even acetaminophen often produce side effects especially when taken on a regular basis. Examples of common side effects are medical problems such as kidney failure and possibly liver damage. This fact is basically the most common reason why people are looking for different ways to get rid of pains without drugs. Acupuncture is one of the best know types of alternative remedy and this therapy has been around for thousands of years. Research has shown that this kind of therapy has been a very common thing in Asian countries for many centuries and results of tests on people suffering from regular pain problems show that this therapy can be an effective pain killer for many. Acupuncture is a Chinese technique that uses needles to unblock the flow of energy in the human body. Pain is (according to the theory of this therapy) a blockage of energy. According to Dr. Todd Schifstein of the New York University School of Medicine this type of pain treatment can be helpful indeed.

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Aptieciņa sportam

55.00 €

Aptieciņas saturs: ( sports )
1. Drošas kniepadatas -10 gab.
2. Paka atliekām -2 gab.
3. Leikoplasts 2.5x5m- 1 gab.
4. Saite 18x18 cm – 1 gab.
5. Saite 12x12 cm – 1 gab.
6. Saite 7.5x4 m – 1 gab.
7. Komprese ar saite 10x8cm- 1 gab.
8. Termopaka Cold- 1 gab.
9. Elastigas saites 5x4,5 m – 1 gab.
10.Šķīdums NaCl 0.9% -2 amp. ( 20 ml.-1 amp.)
11.Cimdi (Vinili ) nesterils – 1 pāris
12.Komprese -absorbent 10x10 cm - 1 gab. sterils
13.Tīstūrveida lakatiņš - 1 gab.
14.Folijas sega – 1 gab.
15.Dez.salvetes sterils – 10 gab.
16. Elpinaem. maska-plēve – 1 gab.
17. Komprese -absorbent 5x5 cm - 1 gab. sterils
18. Atsāpinošā smēre ( 15 g.) – 1 gab.
19. Leikoplasts ( komplekts ) – 1 gab.


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