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   Treatment Acupuncture

Acupuncture is grounded in science, not myth and magic.


BMJ - The principles of acupuncture are firmly grounded in science, and you don’t need Chinese philosophy either to make it work, or to practise it, says a leading medically trained acupuncturist. Dr Adrian White, who is editor in chief of the scientific journal Acupuncture in Medicine, was speaking at the launch of the journal’s transfer to publication by BMJ Group after 27 years of publication with the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS). “One of the major problems facing medical acupuncture is the preconceived notions both the public and healthcare professionals have of it,” he said. “The perception is that acupuncture is still all about chi and meridians.” This view has hindered its acceptance among healthcare professionals, and its wider use as a valid addition to pain control in conditions, ranging from nausea to arthritis, as well as after surgery, he contends. “In the past it was easy for doctors and scientists to dismiss acupuncture as ‘highly implausible’ when its workings were couched in talk of chi and meridians. But it becomes very plausible when explained in terms of neurophysiology,” he explains. Unfortunately, the scientific approach just isn’t as sexy,” he continues. “Many people, including practitioners and the public, have held on to the traditional explanations.” And there’s plenty of scientific evidence, which has been building up for the past 30 years, to show that acupuncture stimulates the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, releasing feel good chemicals, such as opioids and serotonin. The research also shows that a needle placed outside of the traditional meridians will have an impact. “Points don’t have any magical properties; they are simply convenient locations to needle,” he says. Clinging to the traditional approach also stymied good quality research, because needling outside the meridians is often used as a comparator. “This misunderstanding has been a fundamental flaw in the design of many acupuncture studies,” comments Dr White. Shrouding acupuncture in the mystery of Chinese philosophy has also prevented healthcare professionals from providing acupuncture themselves. “The already know how to diagnose, and they already know a great deal about anatomy and physiology, so they can easily learn to practise acupuncture safely and effectively,” after a short foundation course, of the type provided by BMAS, he says. “The aim of Acupuncture in Medicine is to build up the evidence base for acupuncture’s place in the modern health service,” says Dr White. While it may not be a cure all, acupuncture does have a place, and is a relatively inexpensive approach to common conditions that can be difficult and often costly to treat, he says.


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Maska pret apdegumiem WaterJel 30x40

53.60 €

WaterJel For Facial Burns  - unikāla maska, kas ir radīta speciāli, ir piemērota gan pieaugušajiem gan bērniem.
Pietiekami labi aizsargā visu seju, ausis, kaklu. Ir atveres degunam, mutei un acīm.
Derīguma termiņš: 5 gadus no datuma izgatavošanas.
30x40,  Iepakojumā: 1gab.



9.70 €

Samahan šķīstošā tēja. Pretsaaukstēšanās tēja, dabīgs fitoprepāts, kuru lieto, sajūtot pirmos slimības simptomus,
Lietošana: pie pirmajām slimības pazīmēm 1-2 paciņas tējas izšķīdina tasē karsta ūdens, lieto 3-4 reizes dienā neatkarīgi no ēdienreizes, var pievienot pienu. Iesaka bērniem vecakiem par 3 gadiem.
Adathoda vasica Nees. (Adathoda) - pretklepus, ķermeņa temperatūru pazeminoša, imunitāti stimulējoša iedarbība.
Alpinia galangal (Java galangal) - ārstē bronhiālus iekaisumus, antibakteriāla iedarbība.
Carum copticum (Ajowan) - antibakteriāla un spazmolītiska iedarbība.
Coriandrum sativum (Coriander) - vielmaiņu veicinoša, pretreimatiska, bronholītiska, antibakteriāla iedarbība.
Coscinium fenestratum- antibakteriāla iedarbība.
Cuminum cyminum (Cumin)- pretvīrusu, antibakteriāla, spazmolītiska, pretsēnīšu iedarbība.
Evolvulus alsinoides – ķermeņa temperatūru pazeminoša, elpošanu stimulējoša, nomierinoša un miegu veicinoša iedarbība.
Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice) - antimikrobiāla, pretvīrusu, pretalerģiska, drudzi samazinoša, atklepošanos stimulējoša, imunitati paaugstinoša iedarbība.
Hedyotis herbaceae – drudzi samazinoša, aknas aizsargajoša iedarbība.
Piper longum (Long pepper) - atkrēpošanu veicinoša, imunitāti paaugstinoša, aknas aizsargājoša iedarbība.
Piper nigrum (Black pepper) - ķermeņa temperatūru pazeminoša, atkrepošanu veicinoša, nervu sistēmu nomierinoša, aknas aizsargājoša, gremošanas procesus uzlabojoša iedarbība.
Premna herbaceae - antibakteriāla, drudzi pazeminoša, ķermeņa temperatūru samazinoša iedarbība.
Solanum xanthocarpum – samazina klepu, drudzi un sāpes locītavās; bronholītiska iedarbība.
Zingiber officinale (Ginger) ingvers - palīdz pret sausu,mokošu klepu, atvieglo gļotu izdalīšanos, noņem kairinājumu kaklā, neitralizē toksīnus organismā, pastiprina imunitāti, antioksidants.
Tējas paciņā 25 tējas maisiņi.


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